A State Of Dichotomies

The U.S. dollar is taking a beating against world currencies. The Israeli Shekel is one of the best, if not the best performing currency in the world. Airfares to Israel have skyrocketed as a result of the weakening dollar and the huge increase in the price of a barrel of oil. On the other hand. […]

Faith and Love

Dear supporters of a Jewish state of Israel, A moment or two after a katyusha rocket comes close to killing you is a good time to reflect on one’s life. We had been delivering supplies the entire day to the beleaguered residents of the village of Shlomi, on the Israeli side of the Lebanese border. […]

Don’t Believe The Hype

I don’t remember who it was, but a very successful businessman once told me that a small positive article, perhaps no more than a single column in the New York Times, is worth far more than three (3) pages of advertisements in the very same newspaper. “People believe the press” he said. His point was […]

What, Are You Crazy?

Nahariya by the Sea: Not a day at the Beach For the second time in a week, we were back in Nahariya. The beautiful boardwalk was still beautiful, yet it was missing something — life. There wasn’t a single person walking along the beach. Virtually nothing was open. No shops, nor restaurants nor cafes. The […]

Because You are a Jew

Well, we conducted an interview in Shekef with Ms. Orit Odes, spokeswoman for the group, and we uncovered a number of facts about this particular group and what appears to be the case with the majority of the expellees from Gush Katif.

As Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of the not–so–democratic State of Israel, addressed the politicians in Washington, B’Ahavat Yisrael representatives were busy unloading supplies for the Shavuot holiday for some of our brothers and sisters who are temporarily residing in a very secluded community called Shekef. These residents of Shekef were living in various communities in […]

Engage the Dis–Engaged: Sustaining the Pioneers of Greater Israel

Oslo has failed, as did the original Camp David. Israel has made many concessions and many Jews have died and many, many, more have been injured. The members of Israel’s political establishment have no answers. They caused the mess and they are only making it messier. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, long an advocate of settling […]

Shame on Us!

I don’t care if you’ve never met Noam Federman. I don’t care if you agree with his views or not. I do care that he is a Jew in deep trouble and together we can save his life. Noam Federman is rotting in jail after being sentenced to 6 months of administrative detention. His neighbors […]

Ariel Shakran!

I must confess I for one am not disappointed in Ariel Sharon. I wholeheartedly agree that he has earned the title as the greatest Field General of the 20th century. I understood all the hope that was placed in this icon of Jewish might. Oslo was proven to be a complete disaster. People were looking […]

No Mr. P; YOU Just Don’t Get It: An Authentic Jewish Response

Dear Mr. P, I am writing you this letter publicly in order to respond to you and your peers collectively. My Hebrew name is Yosef Ben Tzion and my English name is Joel Busner. I am not a Hareidi. My parents are not Sephardic. I am not a rabbi. Nor do I have a Masters […]

Elections in Israel (Again!)

Elections in Israel

Important: The views expressed in this article are exclusively those of Joel Busner (Yosef Ben Tzion), a private citizen.  This article in no way represents the views of the organization, B’Ahavat Yisrael, as the organization is not a political entity and has many members and supporters with different political affiliations. Israel is not a democracy! […]