by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) – November 2003

I don’t care if you’ve never met Noam Federman. I don’t care if you agree with his views or not. I do care that he is a Jew in deep trouble and together we can save his life. Noam Federman is rotting in jail after being sentenced to 6 months of administrative detention. His neighbors in the prison are Arab terrorists who don’t stop taunting and threatening him. He is protesting through the only way he can, a liquid fast. All reports show that his health is deteriorating rapidly.

Administrative detention against Jewish citizens of Israel is a disgrace! There is no justifiable need for it. If the authorities really believe that Mr. Federman is guilty of a crime, let the government of Israel behave like the democracy they claim to be and put him on trial! Anyone who is intelligent and honest knows that it is not Mr. Federman’s guilt that arouses the Israeli authorities. It is the fact that he is a potential threat to the forced expulsion of Jews from the heartland of the Land of Israel. He is a symbol. Why else would they allow him to attend his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah with his hands cuffed as well as his feet? Where do they think he would run to and hide? They wish to break him. By using him as an example they wish to frighten all opposition to the Road Map.

I ask of you all, I beg of you; don’t sit idly by your brother’s blood! Noam Federman is extremely ill. If enough pressure is exerted he will be transferred to a normal facility with Jewish inmates. If tremendous pressure is exerted he will be set free. Mr. Federman’s plight is not just a challenge to the religious community. Nor is it just a challenge to the right wing community. His plight is a challenge to all Jews who believe in fairness and justice.

For all of you who have contacts with Israeli officials, pressure them! Anyone who can demonstrate, do so! Letters, faxes, etc, to Shaul Mofaz who signed the order, and to Ariel Sharon who authorizes it all, must be done without cessation. Mr. Federman’s name must be mentioned everywhere and anywhere until they are sick of it and release him! Mr. Federman’s fate is at stake and G–d forbid, it will be unforgivable for him to perish while all of who could do something didn’t.