A State Of Dichotomies



Director, B'Ahavat Yisrael
Founder, L'Ma'an Ha'am

The U.S. dollar is taking a beating against world currencies. The Israeli Shekel is one of the best, if not the best performing currency in the world. Airfares to Israel have skyrocketed as a result of the weakening dollar and the huge increase in the price of a barrel of oil.

On the other hand. you must reserve flights to Israel way in advance if you want to be assured a seat. Israeli hotels which are going for 50% to 100% more per room per night in U.S. dollars from only two years ago are so booked up that there are plans to add 10s of thousands of new rooms over the next few years to accommodate the record number of tourists to the Holy Land!

Israel is amongst the world leaders in high tech and bio tech. Yet there is a tremendous brain drain as many techies, researches, and doctors, leave the country for greener pastures. Efforts are being made through financial incentives to attract young and middle aged Western Jewish doctors to make aliya. Yet you can make an appointment with your family doctor the same day you call and you almost never hear of the American horror stories of people losing their homes because of a long stay in the hospital that the insurance only partially covered.

The university students are continuously upset about the lack of government funding and many young people from poor Sephardic homes can’t afford to go to college. Yet every time we go to visit injured people at various hospitals around the country I hear American Jewish medical students talking. Why are the majority of them studying here? Because the quality of learning is good and the price is, you guessed it, far less expensive than their native country!

Israeli fruits and vegetables are amongst the best in the world. Israeli innovations in agriculture and especially in maximizing output of land and water are examples imitated by the rest of the world. Yet due to lack of leadership, overall water preservation is not prioritized and many projects that can ensure Israel’s long term water requirements are constantly procrastinated, resulting in forced cutbacks in water usage by farmers which assures many bankruptcies.

Israel once proudly stated it would build Jewish communities anywhere in the Land of Israel that it pleased. Today formerly Nationalist pro Land of Israel politicians are at the forefront of the policy of retreat which means destroying vibrant Jewish communities without even pretending to have a “peace” agreement.

Israel is the country which beat three (3) Arab armies in six (6) days in 1967 and expanded its area of land several times in the process. The same Israel did the impossible in Entebbe in 1976 by flying half way around the world to free almost all of the hostages before Idi Amin even realized what had happened. It was little Israel that stood up against virulent criticism by the both its “friends” and enemies and blew up Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1981 and in the process did the rest of the world a big favor.

Today, not so many years later, Israel is trading the most vicious unrepentant murderers for dead soldiers’ body parts. The government of Israel stands powerless as a group of cowardly thugs whom they originally armed to “police” themselves, sit in Gaza (which is Eretz Yisrael!) and launch home made missiles at the hapless town of Sderot and its environs.

To be a free Nation in our Land? Ask the citizens of Sderot!
Summer 2006 Hizbollah rockets shut down the city of Nahariya

The same Israel only two (2) summers ago was brought to its knees as the genocidal Hizbollah led by the cowardly Nasrallah (may G-d obliterate his name) launched 200 Katyusha missiles a day for over a month and turned the entire Galilee into a giant ghost town.

Summer 2006 Hizbollah rockets shut down the city of Nahariya

Deliveries to bomb shelters

Israel which was built by Jewish labor that had a Histadrut which forbid Arab employment today almost exclusively employs non Jews in construction and agriculture and many other forms of manual labor, resulting in thousands upon thousands of blue collar types of Israeli Jews either collecting welfare or living abroad doing what? Blue collar work for better wages.

Israel is a country that was funded and developed by benevolent organizations such as the Jewish Agency and the Jewish National Fund whom today are forced by a self hating media and Supreme court of jesters to go against their very raison d’etre by giving lands and funds to Arabs. The same so called Israel Arabs whose vast majority are against the very essence of a Jewish State of Israel.

Now there is a movement to change the National anthem Hatikva to be more inclusive of Arabs. Demographically, the state’s Jewish majority is shrinking and this includes inside the so-called Green line. On the other hand, every day there are more Jews living in Israel and less Jews living in the Diaspora. This is further proof that our time of redemption is near. As a people our future is Israel.

Dear Friends of a Jewish State of Israel,

There is despair and there is hope. B’Ahavat Yisrael Organization is a modest organization that aims to unite the Jewish People in building a better a better Israel through various activities such as:

Gifts for sick children
Magician in hospital
-When we go to Sderot to sit with traumatized families and hand out food for Shabbat (Sabbath) and holidays we give them hope and the knowledge that they are not alone.

Moshe Rubenstein with Sderot residents

Purim packages for Sderot

Preparing Passover packages in Sderot for Sderot

Sderot resident and volunteer Jacques Cohen
Director Joel Busner taking a break in Sderot, July 2008

Another Sderot food drive July 2008

-When we bring hundreds of Jewish students to the Galilee olive orchards to pick olives during the autumn harvest we give both the farmers and the youth hope we the Jewish People can physically do what we once did to build the country. It is in our hands.

-When we take visiting American Jews to volunteer for various activities including renovating bomb shelters alongside Israeli volunteers we are promoting “Achdut” Jewish Unity.

When I first made aliya I kept getting asked by Israelis why I came to live here when I had been living comfortably in the States? I said “Because I am a Jew”. I’ve been asked that question hundreds of times over the last ten (10) years. My answer hasn’t changed. B’Ahavat Yisrael organization with your help and participation will increase its activities and whenever and wherever our members will go the logo will be displayed on the t-shirts “cause I am a Jew”.

Shana Tova,

Joel Busner (Yosef Ben Tzion)
Founder and Director, B’Ahavat Yisrae


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