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Elections in Israel (Again!)



Director, B'Ahavat Yisrael
Founder, L'Ma'an Ha'am

Important: The views expressed in this article are exclusively those of Joel Busner (Yosef Ben Tzion), a private citizen.  This article in no way represents the views of the organization, B’Ahavat Yisrael, as the organization is not a political entity and has many members and supporters with different political affiliations.

Israel is not a democracy!


That’s right!  From the top (national government) to the bottom (municipal governments), the State of Israel is run by a gang of politicos who couldn’t care less about the population.  Corruption runs rampant.  The proportional size of Israel’s public service sector is almost double that of the United States.  The top levels in the national government as well as the municipalities run rampant with abuse.  High salaries, benefits that you can only dream of, ridiculous pensions, etc., only encourage the politicos never to reform the system.  If you have connections (protektzia) you can accomplish almost anything in this country.  There isn’t any mechanism with teeth to weed out the bad and make the system fairer.  By over–taxing the bulk of the population they are able to control the masses.  Lower taxes equals greater freedom.  Most people look to the government for handouts, subsidies, etc.  This has become a cultural norm in this country.  Many times I have tried (with some success) to explain to fair–minded Israelis that a mayor of a city of 25,000 doesn’t need to work full–time to manage the affairs of a small town.  He certainly doesn’t deserve a salary of close to $100,000 with a brand new Volvo with a paid driver, free trips, free daily restaurants with his cronies, huge benefits, etc. — all at the cost of the poor tax payer.

Of course, the unfairness of the domestic issues as stated above affects Israelis on a day to day basis, as well as discourages Western aliya.  The biggest threat to the country right now, of course, is the security issue.  It is now ‘normal’ to expect Jews in the land of Israel to be attacked on a daily basis.  “To be free in our land”.  Again the politicos who have little or no faith in G–d place their faith, fears, and trust in Gentiles.  That in itself is a desecration of G–d’s name.  We are commanded to strike them before they strike us.  By having mercy on the wicked, the government in general is wicked to the merciful.

Until now, if you became a threat to the wrong people, you were banned or they libeled you so severely that you might as well be banned.  Not a recipe for change.


Another gang.  This gang is worse than the politicos overall.  Why? Because the Israeli press by and large is a tool of the Meretz/Labor anti–Jewish anti–nationalist alliance.  They can lie, distort, libel and very rarely print retractions.  Mitzna can steal, misappropriate land in Haifa while mayor in order to fatten the pockets of his building contractor friends, and not a syllable is uttered.  Sharon can do something minuscule in comparison and they’re all over him!  Why Sharon?  Not because he’s such a G–d fearing nationalist.  Because the ultra left was virtually finished politically up until a month and a half ago and their defeatist views were not catching on with the masses of Jews.  Of course Sharon’s policy of doing exactly what his master George Bush Jr. tells him to do or not to do is not popular but is seen as the lesser of 2 evils.  With an election looming around the corner, the press and their friends in the police force needed to act quickly as the situation to save Labor from plummeting down to 15 to 17 seats was becoming a dire reality.  They found their opportunities within the internal Likud candidate selection elections and then the Sharon family loan.  Was there corruption?  I’m sure.  In comparison with the Barak 1999 election fundraising fraud it was miniscule.  The fact that Mitzna doesn’t open his books to anyone and the earlier mentioned get rich land appropriations that lined his friends’ pockets that now line his pockets also dwarf anything that the hapless Likud and it’s useless Prime Minister may have committed.

Overall, the press has the power to influence the thought process of large masses of people.  It’s plain brainwashing.  Say a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.  Fair election coverage?  Not with these guys!


I don’t like seeing condoms advertised when I walk through a secular Jewish school in Israel.  I don’t think that a kid in 7th grade needs to have condoms shoved in his or her face every morning.  This section isn’t about condoms.  It’s about thought control.  Masses of Israeli youths are taught very little of real Jewish and real Zionist history.  It is severely slanted to the left.  The parents have no say over the matter.  As the kids get older, they by and large have no idea why they’re here in the 1st place.  That is why you see thousands leaving every year mimicking Gentiles as they saunter around the globe to India, Turkey, Thailand, etc.  Anything, but home.

The colleges and universities are bastions of leftist self–hating educators.  Consider the following: 170 professors petitioned the central election committee to allow Ahmed Tibi and Bishari (2 virulent Jew–hating terrorist supporters) not to be banned in the name of democracy and fairness and to promote good relations with the Arabs.  Of course, I couldn’t find anywhere in their ‘fair minded’ letter any recommendation to allow Baruch Marzel or Moshe Feiglin to run in the election.  Did I mention hypocrisy?


If your 5 year old child runs across the street in the middle of a red light even though you strongly told him/her not to, you can’t dare spank him/her at all.  That is because the Supreme Court has decided to tell you how to raise your child.  Of course I am against child abuse.  But as in everything, they are extremists.

2 homosexual men represent a couple, therefore constitute a family, and therefore can raise children.  Why?  Because the Supreme Court says so.

If Arabs commit violence against Jews and the government attempts to do something to punish them, where do the Arabs go to petition for ‘their rights’?  You guessed it, the Supreme Court.

When the late Rabbi Meir Kahane (of blessed memory) a sitting member of Knesset was threatening in 1988 to grow his Kach list in the elections from 1 seat to as many as 12, who ultimately decided his fate?  The voters?  No!  You guessed it again, the Supreme Court.

Once again there’s another election and in true Israeli democratic form, more and more individuals and parties have been targeted for banning.  The Supreme Court overturned the Central Committee’s decision to ban the 2 Jew–hating Arabs and allowed them to run and in turn gave terror another green light.  They agreed with their buddy judge the dishonorable Mishael Cheshin who ruled that Moshe Feiglin must wait another couple of years because 7 years hadn’t passed since his conviction.  What was his crime?  Organizing sit–ins.  Classic civil disobedience.  A misdemeanor in any free country.  In comparison to the Pinko Histadrut head, Amir Peretz, it’s an absolute joke!  Mr. Feiglin was protesting an accord (Oslo) that was never ratified by referendum.  An accord that was negotiated in contradiction to Israeli law.  An accord that gave away parts of Eretz Yisrael to murderers.  An accord that by the time Feiglin and his friends went out to the streets had already been responsible for a couple of hundred dead Jews!  Amir Peretz has virtually shut down huge segments of Israel’s economy on countless occasions in defiance of court orders.  He has never even been tried in court and he sits in the Knesset and is running again in this election under the party name ‘Am Echad’ (One Nation).  The chutzpa is unbelievable!  Circumstances sometimes force change.

The country is in trouble.  Allowing Arab terror supporters to sit in the Knesset and make huge salaries is obscene.  Banning Feiglin is obscene.  But they had a problem, these great judges and upholders of Israel’s democracy.  I mean it’s gone beyond predicting that Jews will get slaughtered all over Israel.  They are being slaughtered all over Israel!  They had to appear to be a little fairer.  Somewhat more balanced.  They allowed Baruch Marzel to run.


Normally I don’t vote.  I don’t believe in this undemocratic democracy.  I also know that the work that we do to help save Jewish lives will continue the morning after the elections.  I believe that if a huge percentage of people would stay home and boycott this election, it would help the most to change the system around.  No one would be able to say that they represent anybody.  Reforms would have to be implemented.  An emergency national referendum would arise with clear questions to the people with proposed solutions to the problems.  This time around it’s not going to happen.  I assume that 80% or so of the people will vote.  If you aren’t going to vote, I respect you.  If you are going to vote, consider the following:

To get approved, Baruch Marzel repudiated his former views.  Moments after he was approved by the Supreme Court, he said that his late rabbi and former mentor, Rabbi Meir Kahane “was a great Jew!”  Standing beside him was the leader of the party he is running under, Michael Kleiner.  Michael Kleiner is the head of Herut.  They won’t win 20 seats this time.  They won’t win 10 seats.  Watch out if they win 5.

Michael Kleiner has guts.  He fights for Jewish political prisoners.  He openly calls for ignoring international pressure and to warn the Arab cities and towns before bombing them and then bomb the hell out of them as we open our real borders allowing those Arabs who want to leave to do just that.  Michael Kleiner loves Jews.  He wouldn’t send our young boys into Jenin to get massacred so that the international community of Jew haters will be satisfied with our humanitarian efforts of going door to door and not killing ‘innocent’ Arabs.  He is a man who walks around without a kipa yet is a good friend of the Haredi, National Religious, Sephardic, and non religious communities.  He doesn’t walk around preaching hate of the Haredim like all of Labor, Meretz, Arab parties, Shinui, and many in Likud.  Kleiner believes that we can come together and that in the future we can find a way for the Haredim to serve and feel as part of the country.  He openly espouses the view that Israel must be a Jewish state with Jewish values.  He wants to stop the masses of Gentiles from the former Soviet Union from coming to immigrate to Israel and at the same time encourage all Jews from everywhere to come home.  As for Eretz Yisrael, I wholeheartedly believe that he’s for re–conquering the territories and annexing them once and for all.

As for Baruch Marzel, I really don’t know what his true feelings are.  I know this much.  I know that Ahmed Tibi isn’t scared of Arik Sharon or anyone in the Likud.  I know that he isn’t scared of the National Union with Benny Alon, Avigdor Lieberman, and Tzvi Hendel.  I know that he’s scared like hell of Baruch Marzel and Marzel in his commercials is threatening him.  I’ve been to more hospital visits than I can count and I’ve consoled hundreds of terror victims and their families.  I have tears in my eyes thinking about it.  Our colors, our true colors, blue and white, don’t run.  I want to see Jewish pride again.  I want to see someone stand up in that circus called the Knesset, and stand up to them, without fear.  I am tired of seeing us become prisoners of ourselves.  Herut means freedom.  I want a little freedom.

As for all of our friends and supporters living abroad.  Stop asking us what will be.  Come home now!  This way you can be part of what will be.


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