Don’t Believe The Hype



Director, B'Ahavat Yisrael
Founder, L'Ma'an Ha'am

I don’t remember who it was, but a very successful businessman once told me that a small positive article, perhaps no more than a single column in the New York Times, is worth far more than three (3) pages of advertisements in the very same newspaper. “People believe the press” he said. His point was that an article is perceived to be more objective than an advertisement. Unfortunately the vast majority of Jews long ago forgot where they came from, and with that how to differentiate between fact and nonsense. They allow themselves to be led astray instead of informing themselves of the pertinent facts and then deciding in an intelligent and objective way.

Avigdor Leiberman is being labeled as a right wing fanatic extremist by the Israeli press as well as by the extreme leftists in the Knesset. One member of Knesset recently claimed that Lieberman is a Kahanist. By labeling Lieberman as a racist they hope to deplete his popularity, and if that fails, as it might, then perhaps figure out a way to ban him or at least censure him. If it weren’t so sad, it would be comical. What is all the fuss about Lieberman?

Lieberman is saying something that threatens the whole concept of universalism as espoused by the extreme left. He says that Jews and Arabs as a whole cannot live together. He claims that Israel must be a Jewish, Zionist state with the majority of its citizens being Jews. We are now living in the days of Kadima, you remember, the party without an ideology. Ehud Olmert the Prime Minister and head of Kadima can sit with Amir Peretz and his Peace Now camp and then he can sit with the so–called monster of the right Lieberman. When Olmert says that we must expel Jews because we can’t live with too many Arabs, there’s barely a peep out of our media. Perhaps they don’t take our Prime Minister too seriously as he also talks about the loyal Arab Israeli citizens (loyal to what?; only he knows). Still, why all the uproar about Lieberman?

Avigdor Lieberman openly shows his desire not to live with Arabs. If you would saunter off to the enlightened liberal neighborhood of Tel Aviv’s Ramat Aviv Gimmel, you will find many an Arab lover but very few Arabs. If you would be honored enough to get a tour of the Knesset you would see many Arab members of Knesset along with many sympathetic Jewish members to their plight. However, in the Knesset dining room, where our beloved Knesset members gorge themselves on our tab, you won’t find Arab workers.

The lie of coexistence has been shoved down the throats of the Israeli population for decades. Through the education system, the courts, and the media, the population has been lied to by the elitists who control this country. Slowly but surely the Arabs have taken more and more control of this country. The cities of Akko, Lod, Ramle, large chunks of Haifa, Upper Nazareth, etc. are being taken over by the burgeoning Arab population. The last large Arab demonstration in Lod had huge Hamas flags displayed in public view. Anyone who lives near an Arab village knows that he / she will hear gun shots from that village several times per week. The stench that emanates from virtually all Arab towns and villages every evening from their burning garbage is nauseating. We watch this as the same Arabs literally steal more and more land and build more and more houses without permits on land that was never purchased — much of it land of the Jewish National Fund. What does the government do? The government along with Israel’s Supreme Court give the Arabs more rights and enforce virtually nothing against these obscene violations! Let a Jew fire his registered gun at a party and see how fast he’s arrested. Let a Jew build a small section to his house without a permit and see how quickly the authorities come down on him. Let a Jew burn garbage in any Jewish dominated town in Israel and every environmentalist group will rightfully be up in arms.

Lieberman has hit a chord. He is another one who has challenged the lie. Only now he is deputy Prime Minister. This worries the elitists. Only I think that they are overly worried. You see, although Lieberman is honest about his feelings towards Arabs, his proposed solutions and ideas concerning the future of Israel are really not that dissimilar to those of his leftist opponents. Lieberman and his Yisrael Beitanu party have made their views crystal clear if only people would take the time to learn them and understand their potential consequences.

1) Lieberman is against transferring hostile Arabs. That’s right. He wants to exchange lands and populations. He is ready to give up parts of Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Triangle, etc., wherever there are large pockets of Arabs, in exchange for areas with large pockets of Jews. He would keep some of Judea and Samaria but give away huge amounts of other sections of Eretz Yisrael. This is a right wing fanatic? Hardly. Fifteen years ago this policy would be considered extreme left! Imagine Joshua entering parts of the land of Israel and telling the Nation that we can’t settle in this place or that as there are too many Canaanites!

2) Lieberman is for civil marriages. As part of his dream of a secular run country, Lieberman is for reducing the powers of the rabbinate in favor of secular laws, especially regarding marriages. By reducing the rabbinate’s powers in marriages, we will be increasing the number of mixed marriages in Israel.

3) Lieberman is for continued non–Jewish immigration to Israel. Every time the issue has come up to curb aliya from the former Soviet Union of non–Jewish olim, Lieberman, like Natan Sharansky, have opposed it. Due to the policy of letting almost anyone into Israel, more than half of the olim from the former Soviet Union are not Jewish and most have no intention of being Jewish. Former Knesset member Michael Kleiner proposed legislation which would have reduced this problem by some 90%. Lieberman was vociferously opposed. Why? Because he didn’t want to lose their votes. What kind of Jewish Zionist state will we have with all these Gentiles being full citizens?

4) Lieberman is not reliable. Lieberman’s positions keep changing. Five years ago he was screaming to bomb Tehran. Now that he’s in power he says that it’s no longer five years ago. Did Iran become less of a threat in the last five years? Lieberman’s land swap policy is a new one. Only a few years ago, he was talking about moving out some Arabs and of Israel keeping most of the territories and whatever Arabs would stay would live in certain cantons. His now much weakened policy shouldn’t be trusted either.

Dear Jew,
While Mr. Lieberman’s remarks about the Arab population tweak those in the Establishment, don’t be fooled. Many of his positions are against Judaism. We can’t give up parts of the land to sworn enemies, period! The overwhelming majority of Jews in Israel don’t want to live with hostile Arabs. That’s understandable. Giving away land and giving up Jewish values in governing the state won’t make Israel more Jewish and certainly not stronger. Faith in G–d and a return to our roots is the only way to fulfill a real Zionist dream of a Jewish State in our Land. Amen.


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