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Director, B'Ahavat Yisrael
Founder, L'Ma'an Ha'am

I must confess I for one am not disappointed in Ariel Sharon. I wholeheartedly agree that he has earned the title as the greatest Field General of the 20th century. I understood all the hope that was placed in this icon of Jewish might. Oslo was proven to be a complete disaster. People were looking for a hero. Someone who would stand up to the Jew haters in the land and crush them and all the while ignore the critics from within and without. After so many years of vying for the leadership of the country and being pushed out of important cabinet positions for so–called fanatical zealotry, Ariel Sharon was overwhelmingly elected to the highest post in the land.

Ariel Sharon was not elected to appease America, Europe, the U.N., and Abu Mazen. Ariel Sharon was not elected to tear down the very same communities he helped build. Ariel Sharon was elected to crush terror. Ariel Sharon was elected to give pride back to the Jewish People. Ariel Sharon was elected to let the Israeli Defense Forces win! Ariel Sharon was not elected to send our young men to Jenin to be ambushed while doing door to door searches in order to spare the lives of the Arab Jew hating ‘civilians’. In light of the recent ‘Road Map to Hell’ developments, that have exposed Mr. Sharon as a possible member of ‘Peace Now’, many good Jews are asking, “Arik what happened?”

According to this writer, the inevitable happened. Desperate people especially Jews have a tendency to believe whatever they are told. They seldom question authority. In the case of Israel’s Prime Minister, too many people were inspired by his great accomplishments and blind to his past lies and treachery. A novel can be written about Ariel Sharon’s double talk and sudden and abrupt about faces on a whole host of issues. The following are some examples that come to mind as to why Ariel Sharon wasn’t and isn’t fit to be the Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

—As a youth in pre state Eretz Yisrael, Ariel Sharon was involved in tearing down Irgun posters and beating up the youths who were hanging them. Now he speaks from a platform with Zev Jabotinsky’s photo in the background. Every Jewish child must learn the following point: Had there not been the Irgun there wouldn’t have arisen the State of Israel.
—Around 1974 Ariel Sharon proposed legislation to permit public transportation on the Sabbath. Later, the same Ariel Sharon for years rambled on and on about the importance of the religious sector in Israel and the need to preserve Israel as a Jewish State with Jewish values. Now after winning a huge right wing/religious victory he ignores his constituents and builds the basis of his coalition with the most virulent self–hating party in Israel’s history, Shinui. He gives them the Justice Ministry and the Interior Ministry and as expected, they proceed to destroy the Jewish foundations of the State. Please note that the combination of Labor, Shinui, and Meretz equals 40 seats. Prior to the election the same traitorous trio had slightly more than that. The anti–Oslo forces won at least 70 seats! So what did Mr. Sharon give us? Anti religious coercion and total capitulation to the American administration!
—When Menachem Begin was sitting with Sadat and Carter in Camp David he was afraid of one politician, Ariel Sharon. He spoke to Sharon and Camp David became a done deal. The same Sharon who vowed not to support a withdrawal from the Sinai and never to uproot Yamit did an about face and voted for Camp David and supervised the forced expulsion of Yamit’s residents. He later felt remorse and said that it was a mistake that must never be repeated. Guess who is now talking about uprooting settlements?
—Ariel Sharon for years insisted that Jordan is Palestine. Shortly before defeating Ehud Barak at the polls he admitted in an interview in Kfar Chabad that he no longer held that view. Slowly he let the cat out of the bag culminating in his push for a Palestinian State in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.
—For years Ariel Sharon bitterly opposed the views of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane and his followers claiming that transferring Arabs out of Eretz Yisrael was not necessary and not moral. He claimed that we could keep building and expanding without worrying about the large and growing Arab population. This week the same Ariel Sharon is telling us that we can’t rule over this very population. He once again has no moral problem transferring Jews out of their communities in order to appease Gentile pressure.
—In 1998 Sharon went with Bibi Netanyahu to Wye. Before leaving Israel for America, Ariel Sharon clearly stated that Israel must not give up more than another 9% of the territories. He said anything more than that would be a serious threat to the existence of the State of Israel. He then went with Bibi to Wye and signed on for 13%!
—During Sharon’s campaign against Ehud Barak, he rightfully claimed that the ever expanding size of the Israeli Government cabinet is a waste of the tax payers money. He pledged to have a cabinet of not more than 18 members. Immediately following that election he significantly increased the size of the cabinet from that of Barak’s administration. When asked about it, he refused to answer questions.
—When Israel’s economy was headed down in a tailspin did Mr. Sharon implement tax cuts or incentives to small businesses as he discussed before he was elected? Of course not! He raised taxes. Did he initiate badly needed privatization? Of course not! Only now that the government is broke is he willing to consider some necessary steps.

Now is the time to unite. Now is the time for those who believe in G–d and the destiny of the Jewish People to come together and take back our country once and for all. Jewish leadership must be made up of Jews with faith in G–d and love and concern for the Jewish People. Enough false leadership from Gentile fearing liars and shrimp eaters as talented as they may be.


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