Sorry Bibi, Dismantling the Palestinian Authority Won’t Work



Director, B'Ahavat Yisrael
Founder, L'Ma'an Ha'am

Every myth about the ‘Oslo–Israel–to–Pieces–Process’ has been exposed.  No, it did not bring peace.  It didn’t bring security.  It certainly didn’t bring any positive economic benefits.  It has totally demoralized the Jewish Nation in the Land of Israel.  The giving away of huge parts of Eretz Yisrael to a Gang of Arab murderers has brought the country to its knees.  600 Jews have been murdered in less than 2 years and about 1,000 since the signing of Oslo.  Thousands more have been injured, many permanently.  More and more reservists have been called to serve for longer and longer periods.  Tourism is dead and with it the Hotel industry.  Foreign investment is a pittance.  Jobs are scarce in every part of the country.  Budget cuts are hurting almost all segments of the population except for the politicians and their lackeys.  And the list goes on and on.

Of course, any honest historian or political scientist will admit to you that the Grand Daddy of ‘Land for Peace’ otherwise known as Camp David 1, had to inevitably lead to a process such as Oslo via Madrid.  Anyone who ever read Camp David knows full well that it was Menachem Begin who 1st recognized on paper a ‘Palestinian People’ about whom he signed and agreed should have autonomy and their own police force.  At the same time it was Begin who buckled before Carter and refused to annex any of the conquered lands with the exception of the Golan in 1981.  It was Begin and Sharon who together set the precedent of throwing Jews physically out of their government sponsored homes (see Yamit) after previously campaigning to do the opposite (Begin said he would purchase a home there).  It was the Likud government under such hawks as Ariel Sharon and Moshe Arens who initiated the policy of door to door searches for terrorists in Lebanon instead of blowing up the buildings leaving many Jewish soldiers dead from unnecessary sniper fire and booby traps.  It was that great general, Rafael Eitan, who refused to give the order in Lebanon to one of his own snipers to snuff out the life of grand master terrorist Yasser Arafat (an admission he made in a book about his life).  Then it was the former Lehi commander Yitzhak Shamir who after successfully orchestrating the banning of the rapidly growing Kach Party, won a right wing majority election in 1988 and refused to take the necessary steps to put out the intifada.  It was the same Shamir who sat on his hands while his master George Bush Sr. forced Israel to humiliate herself in front of the world by allowing Sadam Hussein to launch 39 scud missiles into the heart of Israel without a Jewish response.  This eventually led to the Madrid talks that opened the door for Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin to continue with Oslo.

By 1996 it was becoming abundantly clear that Oslo was making Israel a much less safe place for Jews.  It was security and security alone that put Bibi Netanyahu over the top in the 1996 elections.  And how they forget.

—It was Bibi who cleared the way for the construction of the airport in Gaza.
—It was Bibi who broke the right wing taboo and not only shook Arafat’s hand but later said, “a healthy Arafat is good for Israel”.
—It was Bibi who gave away Hebron after Arafat’s soldiers murdered 14 of our soldiers and burned Joseph’s tomb.
—It was Bibi who continued to allow the Palestinian Authority to arm itself with more and more weaponry.
—It was Bibi who signed the Wye Agreement, which meant another 13% of the Shomron to Arafat (Sharon accompanied Bibi and signed the agreement even though a few days prior to the trip to the US the ex general said that 13% would permanently endanger the security of the state).
—It was under Bibi that the Knesset put up its 1st Mosque.
—It was Bibi who coined the term ‘reciprocity’ in negotiations with the murderers.  “They give, they get”, he was quoted over and over again.  What does that mean exactly?  If they behave then we’ll keep giving them?  And, Bibi, if after you give them our holy land, what do you do if they are much stronger with the acquired land and they decide not to behave?

All of the above and plenty of open lying, led to Bibi’s downfall in the 1999 election.  After all, why vote for the right wing guy when his positions aren’t much different from the left wing guy?  Of course the left wing guy Ehud Barak turned out to be so pathetically weak and so willing to give up all of our G–d given assets that the nation turned on him the 1st chance they got.  What happened to Bibi the great nationalist?  Soon after his defeat in 1999 he packed his bags and went to the States to make millions pitching high tech companies for a year and a half until the political winds began to blow his way again.

Now Bibi is very upset with Sharon.  He claims that Sharon isn’t doing the job that he was elected to do: To bring security to the Jewish State.  I agree.  It is his proposed solutions and his disingenuous character that I have problems with.

Most of us who have any money left after the vicious and unfair government tax policies get through with us (a subject for a future article), try to spend our disposable income on Israeli products, restaurants and hotels.  Where’s Bibi?  He’s off vacationing in the French Riviera with his Israeli taxpayers’ paid security.

Bibi’s proposed solution: Throw Arafat out and dismantle the Palestinian Authority.  Then set up borders all around the large Palestinian areas in order to keep the terrorists away from the Jewish populated areas.  Afterwards, wait for a new and more moderate Palestinian leadership to emerge and then negotiate with them a final peace agreement that will never mean a full fledged state that could physically cause havoc against Israel.  How nice.  I wonder with all of his education if he’s really stupid or if he thinks the vast majority of Jews are?  Let us look at the facts and judge for ourselves.

Expelling Arafat.  Only if you kill him or he kills himself.  I have no problem with either.  However, if Bibi thinks he’s going to arrest him and expel him, it’s not happening.

Dismantling the Palestinian Authority.  How?  Door to door like Jenin?  How many parents are going to enjoy watching their sons getting blown to bits via booby trapped buildings that should be bombed from the air?  How much stupid so–called purity of arms should the Jewish Nation accept at the cost of young Jewish lives?  Of course Bibi will never answer such questions.  How much door to door searches did the Allies do in Berlin in 1945?  How many door to door searches did Truman order in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?  Even better, how many US soldiers are getting booby–trapped or ambushed right now in Afghanistan?  Tell me something else Bibi: What do you propose we do with the Arab citizens of the State of Israel?  You who said in 1996 that their children have just as much right to computers as your own son.  These ‘good Arabs’ have thanks to Oslo, been finally exposed as to what they are, vicious Jew Haters no different from their cousins on the other side of the imaginary green line called Palestinians.  With the overwhelming majority of so–called Palestinians staunchly supporting the destruction of the Jewish State the answer isn’t taking apart the Palestinian Authority.  The answer is us or them.


Many nations have come and gone believing that their god was right.  Many bad things have happened to the Jewish People as well as many good things.  None of the experts could have predicted the establishment of a Jewish State a scant 5 years before our independence.  Until last week the Kinneret was constantly losing water and all of a sudden against all the experts’ dire predictions, it started filling up again without a trace of rain.  G–d took the Jews out of Egypt but they still didn’t believe, at least not enough.  It took a believer, Nachshon Ben Aminadav to jump into the water before G–d actually split the Red Sea.  It takes real belief that indeed we are G–d’s chosen People who have been bequeathed his land, the Land of Israel.  It takes real faith and trust in G–d to stand up now to the Nations and say, enough!  Enough inquisitions, crusades, and holocausts.  Enough Jewish blood in the streets of Israel.  There’s a time for war and a time for peace.  When Jews are getting killed in the Land of Israel because they are Jews it is not a time of peace.  Let us remove the hostile Arabs from the land and trust in G–d.  He and he alone will then bring us peace.


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