Response to an American Jew



Director, B'Ahavat Yisrael
Founder, L'Ma'an Ha'am

Shortly after the horrific terror attacks in the United States, we made and received many phone calls from friends and loved ones in the U.S. and Canada. Some people we knew were actually there when it happened and only by miracles had their lives spared. As usual, we received many email letters and messages concerning the incidents and the inevitable aftermath. One person who was not in NY or the Pentagon area at the time (a few hundred miles north of NY) felt extremely shaken and unsure of what to do if anything. I responded as follows:

G–d has his plans and sometimes takes people to the next world at different times for different reasons. Sometimes some people have to die or suffer so the rest of us won’t have to. Sometimes a person has completed his/her job here and G–d needs them in the next world.

However, as a nation, we the Jewish People have been put on this earth to be an example to the rest of the world.
G–d keeps warning his chosen people to rid itself of the internal Arab plague in the Holy Land of Israel. Day after day, there have been miracles and Jews have escaped death and severe injury by the hundreds and perhaps thousands. These have all been warnings. Sometimes many have to die in order to wake up the Nation as well as the rest of the world.

The Jewish non–leadership has failed the Jewish People miserably. With no faith in G–d both left and right wing have made all of their decisions dependent on what the Nations will say, think, or perhaps do as a consequence of our actions. This has paralyzed the Jewish People’s ability to affirm sovereignty over all the land of Israel.

The Gentile leadership of the West especially America has been guilty of pressuring Israel’s weak leaders into more and more suicidal concessions to obvious gangsters and murderers. When it finally became more than obvious that the overwhelming majority of Arabs are capable of participating in or are supportive of complete savage behavior, they still did everything possible to force Israel to restrain herself from defending the lives of her citizens.

As the world didn’t raise a finger to save the Jews against the evil Hitler regime, we can’t expect our ‘friends’ to come and save us now unless they feel some sort of reason of self–interest. With the Soviet empire’s influence a thing of the past in the middle east and the Arab lobby growing in the US as the Jewish one declines, America has become much more ‘even handed’ in dealing with Israel and the Arabs. The Arabs being a nation that only understands strength and weakness felt Israel and her only Ally were weak. When the US refused to totally accept all out destruction for Israel at the racist anti–racist conference (at least for now) some Arabs ran out of patience and decided to show America what happens to you when you ‘support’ Israel.

The world didn’t stop Hitler when he went after the Jews and inevitably all the Nations were dragged into it. The world aided and abetted savages against Israel and inevitably they will be dragged into it. History repeats itself in many ways.

Our religion teaches us that “Salvation will come from Zion”. Every Shabbat we sing “Ki M’Tzion Tetze Torah”, “From Zion comes the Torah”. Israel by ridding herself of the hostile Arabs living amongst her would never have the internal security problems that the US has. She would only have to deal with the external threats. America and the West have a bigger problem. They can never really know when the next one will be and where it will come from. Recently a lone pilot from Lebanon flew over Israeli airspace and was asked to identify himself and communicate. He didn’t. Israel shot him down. It turns out that he had bad intentions.

If nothing happens further for the next while most Jews in Diaspora will get comfortable again. It’s a big mistake and a rejection of G–d’s commandment and promise to his people. My prayer is that this New Year shall bring all the Jews home and the ingathering of the exiles which began with the founding of the State of Israel, will be completed as our final redemption will have finally arrived.


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