Save Jewish Lives Now!



Director, B'Ahavat Yisrael
Founder, L'Ma'an Ha'am

Over 4 years ago I suffered a terrible tragedy.  Seeking to do some good on behalf of the Jewish People I, along with some friends, established the B’Ahavat Yisrael organization in memory of my late wife.  Our initial goal was to try and unite the so deeply fragmented Jewish populace here in Israel by promoting the slogan, ‘One Nation with One Heart’.  We gave food to many needy families.  We gave lifts to many soldiers.  We went on many hospital visits and brought gifts to injured soldiers and terror victims, as well as to their families.  We helped some lonely and abandoned senior citizens.  We helped a few agunot get divorces.  We threw barbecue parties for soldiers stationed in isolated outpost areas.  We distributed deli sandwiches and cold drinks on a regular basis to soldiers in the Shomron and the northern border area.  We did all that and more with very modest funds and with the help of many Jews from diverse backgrounds.  One afternoon a few weeks ago everything changed.

We were doing a hospital visit with a group of Jewish/American tourists when I finally became tired.  That’s right, tired.  Tired of seeing innocent Jews — men, women and children — bleeding at the hands of ruthless Arab terrorists and not enough being done to stop more Jews from bleeding.  But what could we as a small organization do?

In some isolated communities a group called the Jewish Legion has successfully launched a program using volunteer guards (mostly from America) who handle specially trained dogs.  The dogs patrol the periphery of the community with their handlers.  They can track terrorists and they can disable them.  On more than a few occasions, in conjunction with the Israeli Defense Forces and independently, they have been successful in thwarting terrorist attacks and, as they grow, more and more terrorist attacks will be thwarted.

There are many isolated communities throughout Israel and the territories.  Of course funds are needed to purchase more dogs, supply training for them, supply the volunteers with equipment on an ever–growing basis, etc.  However, a critical ingredient is the constant flow of good quality, prepared food for the current roster of volunteer guards and the much–needed growth of volunteers who are waiting to join them.  These great young people are on patrol for very long shifts and are engaged in rigorous military training on a daily basis. When it comes to feeding them, we have the answer.

While we will continue with most of our other activities, B’Ahavat Yisrael is making an all–out effort to acquire, prepare and distribute food to the communities where these volunteer guards may be.  With almost 20 years of experience in food service and catering, I Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) will be managing this operation with the help of our employees and many volunteers.

Are you tired of hearing about gunmen and suicide bombers infiltrating our communities and murdering innocent Jewish men, women and little children in their beds?  Are you sick of wanting to help the situation, but not knowing how?  There are young men out in the fields now ready to put aside incomes, careers and families to stand guard risking their lives for the Jewish Nation with many more waiting anxiously to join them.  Helping sustain these volunteers will allow them to continue to save Jewish lives. With increasing support, this group can grow and grow and save more and more lives.

Dear Jew,

We’re not talking about building funds, shul dues, and many other worthy causes.  We’re talking about saving Jewish lives now!  How much is that worth to you?  For B’Ahavat Yisrael, the cost to feed a volunteer guard — including food and packaging, storage, transportation and labor — amounts to $420 per month or just $14 per day.

Take a part in saving Jewish lives!  Please give generously and pass this along to your friends and associates.

With love of Israel,

Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner)