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The I.D.U. – Israel Dog Unit is the leading charity organization in Israel when it comes to life-saving work with canines, both in the area of security, as well as in the area of searching for and rescuing missing people – be they Alzheimer patients, children or hikers lost and injured in the wilderness, or victims trapped under collapsed buildings due to rocket attacks, gas explosions or natural disasters. 


It is not only about saving lives with Security dogs or with Search and Rescue dog.  The IDU – Israel Dog Unit also provides housing and support for our lone soldiers who combine their IDF service with service in the IDU as they volunteer in the unit during their breaks from the army to help us find and rescue missing people.


There is no other outfit in Israel that provides canine security, while also engaging in searches for missing people in Israel.  In many searches the IDU is alone with a handful of family members of the missing person.  And when it comes to security dogs, we are often the first and last line of defense in many vulnerable Jewish towns throughout Israel.
The IDU has had many successes in aiding the army and police prevent terror attacks, as well as to find missing people with the help of our specially trained security, tracking, Search & Rescue and cadaver dogs.
Several police precincts around Israel who regularly call upon the IDU to aid and manage searches for missing people.
Former Brigadier General Knafo of the Shomron region
Rabbi Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of Hebron
Rabbi Chai, Chief Rabbi of Itamar
Rabbi Gadi Shalvin, Maaleh HaZeitim
Yossi Dagan, Mayor of the Shomron Regional Council and…
many more public officials and leaders in Israel
Sponsor a Dog:  Top blood line service dogs for defense or rescue begin training at 8 weeks and Includes:
all care and training until ready for full service between the ages of 15 to 18 months $9,000

Sponsor a Dog’s Monthly Maintenance:  Currently there are 30 service dogs owned and fully managed, expenses paid by the I.D.U. and an additional 65 service dogs in the program that are stationed  in independent Yishuvim (settlements/villages)
whose expenses are paid for by the Yishuvim: $200

Sponsor a Volunteer for a month:  Includes room and board, insurance, etc: $800

Monthly Maintenance of 1 Vehicle: The Unit owns and maintains 5 old vehicles.  
Monthly expenses Include: Repairs, regular maintenance, gas, insurance, Registration, etc.:     $1,500
Sponsor the Purchase of a Vehicle:  2 Newer (not brand new) Econoline Vans
$20,000 each, 1 ATV ($15,000), and 1 Jeep ($15,000). Amount:
Sponsor Air Conditioned Mobile Kennels.  3 are needed asap!  When heat waves 
hit Israel in the summer it is impossible for dogs to work in the field for 1 to 2 days
without air conditioned rest periods.  
3 of these units are needed desperately before the summer arrives.  
Each Unit costs $1,500 dollars:


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