Yasser Arafat, My Peace Partner; Avraham Alon a Victim of My Peace Partner

by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) – May 2001 The evolution of Yasser Arafat from terrorist, murderer, and thug, to Nobel Prize peace partner with Israel was a gradual one.  After so many years as a career murderer of innocent Jewish men, women and children, the transformation of Arafat didn’t happen overnight.  The Jewish public […]

Dividends of Peace

by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) – May 2001 Since the very beginning of what has become known as the ‘Peace Process’, we’ve been inundated by politicians and the media by a term called ‘Peace Dividends’.  Any positive economic news for the State of Israel has been coined as a dividend of the peace process. […]

Yom Ha’Atzmaut

by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) – April 2001 NOT MUCH TO CELEBRATE? It seems as though it gets harder and harder to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut in Israel each year. This year is especially troublesome as we are experiencing endless amounts of terror from our ‘peace partners’. The situation has sunk to a new low […]

Pesach in the Park

by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) – April 2001 A BARBECUE After consuming far too much matzo during the Seder and early days of Pesach our family needed a change.  Why not a barbecue?  Why not indeed?  Off we went with some friends to Ra’anana Park.  “Oh my!” I exclaimed as our car entered the […]

Time for Some Fresh Air

by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) — March 2001 AN EYE OPENER As a person who occasionally suffers from insomnia I often go to my office and read myself to drowsiness in the middle of the night.  Such was the case a few nights ago.  After tossing and turning for a couple of hours, I […]

You’re a Jewish Leader

by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) – January 2001 THE ELECTION Election fever.  Once again the People of Israel are being asked to go to the polls to choose a new savior.  Who will emerge to lead the Jewish People to peace and prosperity?  Which one of the 2 great warriors will make the tough […]

Left Wing, Right Wing, to Arafat & Tibi We’re All the Same Thing

by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) – January 2001 Dear Friends, Not so long ago after a terrible personal tragedy I made aliya to Israel.  After being here for a while, my friends and I came up with an idea.  Why not start an organization that if successful can mend the deep wounds of division […]


by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) – December 2000 When I was growing up in safe and peaceful Canada friends and family always warned me never to hitchhike unless it was absolutely necessary.  “You never know which maniac is in the car”, is the one I can best recall.  Later when I moved to the […]