Cattle grazing in the Lower Galilee

Cattle grazing in the Lower Galilee

If you read or see CNN or the BBC or even the more even handed FOX news, you may come away with the feeling that the government of Israel’s settlement policy is an illegal impediment to Peace. Even Conservative pro Israel commentators, newspapers, and magazines don’t seem to catch what I believe to be the biggest issue. Simply stated, we are experiencing the moral disintegration of the State of Israel!

Prime Minister Netanyahu insists that the so called ‘Palestinians’ recognize Israel as a Jewish State (he wasn’t the first as Mr.Olmert floated the idea last year). Sounds nice but can he honestly tell us what a Jewish State is and if Israel today is a Jewish State? More importantly, if somehow he can do that, can he explain how Israel can retain its Jewish identity with its current legal ideological infrastructure in place today?

Gilboa Region: Jewish Money Built Arab Only School

Gilboa Region: Jewish Money Built Arab Only School

In 1948 David Ben Gurion read the Declaration of Independence which declared that Israel would be a Jewish State and at the same time said that the Arabs of the Land of Israel could be full citizens and were invited to help build the state. It is highly doubtful that Ben Gurion really believed in what he was saying pertaining to the Arabs. After all, for decades they had attacked the Jewish pioneers and only by fighting back against both the Arabs and the British occupiers were the Jews able to assume control over a small part of the Land of Israel. Although Ben Gurion’s Mapai and Mapam factions spent too long following a policy of ‘havlaga’ restraint, and turned over many fighting heroes from the Irgun and Lehi to the British, even their fighters from the Palmach and Haganah ended up fighting against the same oppressors.

During the war of Independence 6,000 Jews died or roughly 1% of its population. Hundreds of thousands of Arabs left voluntarily thinking that they would return to a land barren of Jews. Some were pushed out by Jewish fighters. In the end of the war we had lost part of Jerusalem. We lost in Gush Etzion and basically the whole of Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem were in the hands of the Jordanians. We hadn’t taken Gaza, the Sinai, or the Golan either. This leads me to ask a question. What would have happened had we lost the Galilee and instead won the West Bank of the Jordan back in 1948? Would the Arab inhabitants of Judea and Samaria be called Israeli Arabs and instead would the Arabs of the Galilee been called Palestinians? This question is the question that answers itself. You see the Arabs of the State of Israel see themselves as one and the same as the Arabs over the so called Green line, Palestinians.

Giving land away has only emboldened the Arabs to attack more and demand more. They haven’t abided by any one agreement and with the current mediation of the Obama administration they have only increased their demands and intransigence. At the same time the Israeli government is busy trying to portray itself as Nationalistic while at the same time it makes concession after concession and knocks down outpost after outpost while easing security restrictions on the ever dangerous ‘Palestinians’.

Inside the 1967 Borders

In this writer’s opinion the bigger problems are taking place within the State itself in the so called ‘kosher’ ‘accepted’ pre 1967 Israel.

Baka Al-Garbiye - north central Israel Daily Garbage Burning

Baka Al-Garbiye – north central Israel Daily Garbage Burning

Despite what some optimistic Right of Center Nationalists preach about Demographics not being too great a threat, the fact is that Arabs are still having more babies than Jews in Israel. The fact is that the Jewish Agency in cahoots with the Israeli Left conspired and successfully brought in hundreds of thousands of Gentiles from the former Soviet Union.

As someone who spent many a night in the cold protesting and took a few clubs on the head on behalf of Jews in the former Soviet Union, I can say that we did it to bring Jews home and we’re proud of those who did come home. We didn’t do it so that Religious Jews in Petach Tikvah and Haifa and elsewhere should be attacked by Russian speaking Gentile Nazis! A screening process could have and should have been in place to weed out all who had no connection whatsoever to the Jewish People! Compound that with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from all over the world in a tiny country and you have a ticking time bomb on your hands.

Taybe North Central Israel

Taybe North Central Israel Black Smoke from Daily Garbage Burning. Only minutes from Kfar Saba

It is here in pre 1967 Israel that the Arabs are voting citizens. It is here that they receive more National Insurance per capita than Jews. It is here that they are causing more deadly car accidents per capita. It is here that almost no Moslem boys serve in the army where the majority of Jewish boys lose 3 years of work and/or education. It is here that the media, the Judiciary, and the overall control of the ‘system’ are controlled by self hating Jewish leftists. It is in the media and the courts that the Arabs are winning point after point as the base of a Jewish state dissolves with each point. It is here that the courts can rule to allow the public display of Chametz on Passover in Holy Jerusalem and it is the same court that forces the Homosexual parade on the Holy Capital of the Jewish People.

Gilboa Region Northern Israel more Garbage Burning

Gilboa Region Northern Israel more Garbage Burning

Thanks to Israel’s Extreme Leftist dominated Supreme Court the Israeli Land Authority can no longer develop a new community exclusively for Jews. The Jewish National Fund has to give over land to Arabs. Jews who win in court against Arab squatters in many cases can’t have the police enforce eviction orders! Arabs can now buy homes in Jewish villages such as where I live in Poriya in the Lower Galilee just outside of Tiberias. All over the country in Lod, Ramle, Nazareth Elite, Acko, Yaffo, etc, Arabs are buying and Jews are leaving. The Negev is being taken over by blatant Bedouin land grabs and there are thousands upon thousands of illegal houses all over the Negev. Jewish Shepherds and farmers are being driven out of business by the Bedouin thieves. The Galilee in the north is now a large Arab majority. The stoning of cars, once only a problem of the so called ‘occupied’ West Bank and Gaza, is a common occurrence in Israel’s north. Rape gangs have been arrested and others are on the loose as they publicize their intentions against Jewish women. Many Israeli Arab citizens have been arrested for terror and associating with terror organizations.

Um El Ghanem Lower Galilee Massive Garbage Burning

Um El Ghanem Lower Galilee Massive Garbage Burning

While all the liberals in Israel talk about equal rights for Arabs those of us who live in the north in Israel’s Galilee see what rights the Jews don’t have. All over the country if you want to build a home, you must pay for land, get permits, etc. You must pay Arnona (property tax). Land is expensive if zoned for residential construction. You pay for garbage collection, water and sewage, and an over bloated bureaucracy. That of course is if you live in a Jewish area. On the other hand, Arab-only-occupied cities and villages are different. They build wherever they want and whatever they want. Permits? You have to be joking. Years ago the Jews of Judea and Samaria complained about how small their housing plots were and that they had to purchase plots from the Israeli authorities (long term lease) while the neighboring Arab occupied villages did whatever they pleased. Now if you go to the Arab dominated areas throughout pre 1967 State of Israel you will see exactly the same thing. State land, JNF land, private land owned by Jews, or whatever, they will just build huge homes and the law be damned. You will even hear them shooting their guns off at weddings at night.

Photos Below: Wadi Ara – Iron Valley: Illegal Construction, Stealing Hilltops, building between olive orchards, forests, state lands, etc.
More of the same. Notice the new construction (gray colored)

Misr, Jezreel Valley

Tamra, Gilboa Region

Tamra, Gilboa Region

Naura, Gilboa Region

Tamra, Gilboa Region

Naura, Gilboa Region
Below: Shibli, Lower Galilee

It is incredible that a Jew will be fined for burning garbage yet the whole Arab sector is burning foul smelling air polluting garbage morning and night! What is more incredulous is how they burn it right smack in the middle of where they live! And the press both Israeli and Foreign completely ignore this. Law enforcement has no incentive as the politicians are completely turning a blind eye to the situation.

The Labor Problem

Israel is not the United States, Canada, or any other Western country. It is or should be the country of the Jews. The early pioneers understood that to be normal Jews had to engage in various sorts of labor. By doing that they earned a country. Today Jews are discouraged from doing manual labor. Instead you have Arabs, Thais, Africans, etc, doing more and more jobs. Then you go to the States and find Itzik from Israel moving your neighbor’s furniture. Arabs who live here and have less living expenses are at an advantage. Thai workers who live 5 or 6 in a small caravan and don’t pay taxes and send every shekel back to Thailand are at a huge advantage. Take out these scab workers and you will create a slightly higher paid Jewish worker. Not everyone is suited for a computer job and not everyone can be a doctor and Israel has far too many lawyers. Personally, I’d rather pay a half shekel more for my lettuce but know that the money is staying in our economy.

A Partial Answer

One can still do some manual labor and learn some trade work like agriculture, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc, and then go on and still become a doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc. For many years, we at B’Ahavat Yisrael have used hundreds of youths for fruit picking and other forms of manual labor. For the last few years, we have dreamed of having a Center in the Galilee. We wanted to build a special place, a place where Jewish youths from the Diaspora could come together with Jewish youths from Israel with a common purpose – to rediscover our land and our heritage, a place that will teach real Torat Eretz Yisrael, that will show that Jews can use a shovel in the morning and sit and learn a Torah class in the afternoon, a place that will go to the olive groves and assist Jewish farmers so that the olive oil can advertise ‘Jewish Holy Land Olive Oil’. With all of your help we will build this Center soon.

While ultimately we need all of Am Yisrael to come home, at least for now everyone can play a part in reclaiming our heritage.

Please seriously think about the situation. Not only for those of us here now, but for you and your children and especially for all of those who sacrificed and perished so that all of us could come home and appreciate this wonderful land.

B’Ahavat Yisrael: “Because it’s time to take our country back!”

Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner)
Founder, B’Ahavat Yisrael


באהבת ישראל – ע”ש המנוחה שמחה בוסנר ז”ל – ע”ר 58-034-129-5

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